ANRE introduce a new performance standard for energy supply


ANRE approved the Performance Standard for the supply of electricity. The main changes concern the definition of the performance indicators that characterize the quality of supply, the settlement of the guaranteed levels of the guaranteed performance indicators and the compensations that suppliers of last resort (FUI) pay their final customers, universal service beneficiaries in case of breach of these guaranteed levels and the monthly establishment of the suppliers of the values ​​of performance indicators for the supply of electricity, the end customer categories, namely households, small non-household customers, large non-household customers. They have also increased the compensations in case of breach of the guaranteed levels for all the guaranteed performance indicators on the quality of electricity supply.

In case of breach of the guaranteed levels, the compensations will be paid by the FUI on its own initiative, to the small household customers and non-household customers, and for the breach of the guaranteed performance indicators the compensations are paid by the FUI only for the consumption places supplied by universal service. The costs for these compensations are not considered justified costs by the FUI, when considering the pricing to end customers, beneficiaries of the universal service who have not used the eligibility.

ANRE claims that the changes introduced by the new order, to update the regulatory framework will have a positive impact on market participants, the major issues to be referred to the increase of guaranteed levels of performance indicators and compensations guarantee that suppliers pay for end customers, in case of failure to respect the guaranteed levels, so they discourage suppliers regarding the non-compliance of the obligations to the end customer, and improve the protection mechanisms for the end consumers.




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