Renewable energy producers can now sell energy and green certificates together


ANRE has developed the operating rules for a new market for energy producers from renewable sources, on which both energy and green certificates can be sold.

“It was decided to create and make available to the participants a competitive, anonymous, transparent, public, centralized and non-discriminatory electricity trading method, according to which the contracts are awarded by means of an extended tender, using the products, respectively electricity from renewable sources supported by green certificates together with the sale of associated green certificates (PCCB-ESRECV)”, ANRE reports in the presentation of the regulation of this new market, according to

The market is anonymous, and for each MWh put up for sale, a whole number of certificates are also sold. Contracts can be denounced after signing, but with the payment of penalties. The price may be correlated with the next-day market price (DAM) if the parties so agree upon signing the contract.


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