RADET stops supplying the heat agent in for works in three major areas of the Capital


Bogdan Tudorache

RADET announced the discontinuation of heating on Thursday in three major areas of Bucharest.

Thus, as “as a result of a fault produced on the Heating Line 2Dn 600, 43 years old”, the supply of the thermal agent for a maximum of 24 hours in the Fundeni area was stopped. “We mention that this line should have been replaced 23 years ago,” RADET officials say.

The company expressed its availability, as at this time, to provide electric hot air for the two hospital units in the area. At the same time, RADET announced the suspension of the heat agent until h 24.00 in the Aviation district, a 36-year-old line, as well as in the West area, where the network is 54 years old, as a result of damages.

RADET recently went bankrupt. As a result, the maturity of the debts to ELCEN without penalties decreased to 30 days, compared to 90 in insolvency. RADET recently asked the authorities to increase it to 40 days.


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