Pruna, USR: The energy industry has entered a negative trend


Bogdan Tudorache

The industry has entered a negative trend and has not set the tone of the economy, claims the USR representative in the Chamber of Deputies, Cristina Prună.

“One of the causes is undoubtedly the GEO 114. In the short term, the big challenge is how we will manage to harmonize Regulation 943 with national legislation to mitigate the impact of a price increase on energy.

This Regulation talks about the existence of a free market from January 1, 2020, whilst our legislation is full of barriers and with regulated prices,” said Pruna.

For the last three years, the Romanian Government has been almost completely disconnected from the decision centers of European politics, Pruna added. “In the medium term, the second challenge is how we will manage to adapt to the energy transition. We do not have an adequate answer to this new reality. Instead of struggling to get as much money from European funds and replicating as much as we can the new European framework, I see that we have great difficulties in adapting, starting from the mentality and to the legislative framework. If we fail to eliminate this resistance to change, we will lose money, jobs and economic competitiveness,” she said.


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