Protest at Mintia Thermal Power Plant due to delayed salary payments


About 70 people are currently protesting at the Mintia Thermal Power Plant, due to the delay in salary payments, according to Ziarul de Hunedoara.

Wages for April are late, and some rights for March, such as meal vouchers, money for transportation and heating aid, have not been collected. These rights should have been received on April 18, a month ago.

“Now at the Mintia Thermal Power Plant, more than 70 employees are protesting in the yard, for not receiving their salaries. There are outstanding rights from March, respectively meal vouchers, transport and heating allowances and salaries for April… Today was the last day. They announced that the payment in April will be made tomorrow, but without the three rights. So there will be a two-month delay of those rights”, said Cristian Iștoc, leader of the Solidarity Union from Mintia Thermal Power Plant.


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