0 G.M.A.B. Consulting
G.M.A.B. Consulting S.R.L. is I.E.T.'s managing division in Romania, 100% owned by I.E.T. It is through G.M.A.B. Consulting, S.R.L. that I.E.T. manages all design and engineering work that is done in Romania. This includes Automotive Tooling and Product Design and Engineering, using CAD Platforms. Our staff has extensive experience in ...
0 G4S Romania
G4S is one of the largest networks of global security operations. The company operates in four key areas: security systems design, integrated security services, cash management services and services for the judicial system. At global level, G4S corporation has 620,000 employees and operates in over 125 countries on six continents. ...
Automated systems (fully equipped assembly) for the production of electricity (photovoltaic or wind) can be used in different sectors, both private (industrial, agricultural, etc.) and in the household. GALAXIA ENERGY offers a wide range of products and services for systems of heat and electricity generation from renewable sources, consultancy and ...
0 Gamesa Energy
Gamesa's business strategy -Business Plan 2013-2015- will address the immediate situation while laying the foundation to emerge stronger, in a position of leadership in the wind industry, through the following strategies and actions: • maintaining profitability, while maintaining the flexibility needed to continue growing • strengthening the balance sheet by ...
Selling and serviceing for gas detection equipment, explosive, toxic or oxygene detectors, flame and smoke detectors, acustic and visual signaling systems, biogas and landfill gas analysers, stack dust monitoring, ATEX lighting solutions.
0 Gasoil Service SRL
Gasoil Service is a relatively new company with 100% Romanian capital, which entered the domestic oil and gas market with the belief that the seriousness, professionalism and perseverance are strengths that always lead to success. We focus on compliance with HSEQ regulations, giving special attention to working conditions, recreation - ...
0 Gaspeco
Production operations are concentrated in the two bottling stations in Negoieşti and Timisoara . Distribution of products is carried nationally via specialized networks and specific marketing segment separately. The current name of the company ( Gaspeco L & D SA ) was established in January 2013 , at which time ...
GAUSS S.R.L. provides the following works/ services: Topographic works for layout plans, topographic and cadastral plans at various scales, for: real estate and urbanistic cadastre; agricultural cadastre; documentation for change of agricultural land status; land certifications according to Romania’s Government Decision no. 834/1991; land registrations and parceling for natural and ...
0 GDF Suez Energy Romania
GDF SUEZ Energy Romania group of companies is operating in the following areas: supply of gas and electricity, natural gas distribution, technical services for natural gas installations and central heating and electricity production. GDF SUEZ Energy Romania has the ambition to become a reference player in the Romanian energy market, ...
0 GDF Suez Energy Trading Romania
S.C. GDF SUEZ Energy Romania S.A. supplies natural gas. The company was formerly known as SC Distrigaz Sud SA and changed its name to S.C. GDF SUEZ Energy Romania S.A. in June 2009. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Bucharest, Romania. S.C. GDF SUEZ Energy Romania ...
0 Geci Engineering Service
Since 30 years, GECI International, high level applied engineering specialist provides global solutions to manufacturers in the fields of aeronautics, space, transport and infrastructure. The 800 group employees, engineers, researchers and technicians, meet major challenges and assist companies in their efforts to design and develop new products and services. GECI ...
0 Gehrig Schultz
Gehrig Schultz holds a B.Sc in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Gehrig started his career in the geophysical industry in 1987 working on near surface geophysics projects in environmental remidiation, mining and nuclear waste storage. He joined a seismic crew exploring for hydrocarbons deep in Brazil's Amazon ...
0 Gemina Building
The company was founded in Italy in 1914, under the patronage of German families and has since remained in continuous activity in the construction industry, in a constant search for new technological solutions and the aesthetic. In Romania, Gemini Building is on the Romanian market in 1997, where over the ...
0 General Electric International Inc
Currently, GE local presence consists of some registered legal entities, including Unison Engine Components Bucharest SA, former Turbomecanica Combustor Products, the only manufacturing unit for aircraft engine components GE has in South East Europe, GE Medical Systems Romania Srl, helping healthcare professionals provide patients with earlier diagnosis, earlier information and ...
0 General Fluid
General Fluid is a joint stock company with private capital. Each Beneficiary offer a complete solution perfectly adapted to his needs. In this spirit, we made ​​efforts to launch new products and solutions, in accordance with quality fluids that we intend to measure them. In order to increase activity, we ...
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