Gleb Drăgan

Gleb Drăgan
NameGleb Drăgan
DefiningProfessor Gleb Dragan was a member of the Romanian Academy and the Head of the Techchnical Energy Section within the Academy.
Professional History
Professor Gleb Dragan was a member of the Romanian Academy and the Head of the Techchnical Energy Section within the Academy. After having graduated “Magna cum Laudae“ from the Polytechichal Institute of Timisoara, Faculty of Electromechanics, professor Gleb Dragan became an engineer within the Gas and Electricity Company in Bucharest. Afterwards, he joined the Industrial Power Station within the Power Studies and Design Institute, then he worked with the Romanian Academy Institute of Energy. In parallel he developed a beautiful and rich activity within the Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest, passing through all teaching degrees, from the stage of assistent lecturer up to becoming the Dean of the Faculty of Electric Engineering and head of ther Power Grid Chair. During his didactic career, he coached over 40 generations of students and conducted over 25 doctoral thesis. Professor Gleb Drăgan was the creator of the High Voltage Technique School in Romania, having founded the High Voltage Technique laboratories, having coordinated the elaboration of a threevolume High Voltage Treaty and having editted 32 explanatory dictionaries of technical terminology . He is the author of 33 technical books, two chronicles describing the tragedies of the deported Basarabian families and hundreds of technical and scientific studies and articles presented in congresses and conferences in the country and abroad, mainly dealing with electric power field, corona discharges, lightning, switching surges, atmospheric switching overvoltages etc. Professor Gleb Dragan was a member and honorary member in several prominent national and international non-governmental organisations, member of the Romanian Academy and of the Academy of Technical Sciences in Romania, Honorary Member of the Science Academy of Republic of Moldova, Doctor Honoris Causa of the Technical University of Republic of Moldova and Oradea.
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