Pro-Europeans keep their grip on the Parliament, despite Euroskeptics surge


According to the main projections published on the basis of preliminary results and exit polls, the Christian Democrats (EPP) remain the largest parliamentary group at European level, with 179 out of 751 seats, followed by Social Democrats (SD), 150 seats, and by the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, with 108 seats. Extreme right-wing parties and Eurosceptic parties have together won 170 seats in the European Parliament – the EP. Analysts contradict each other on the influence this heterogeneous group will have on the EU policies.

The EP has estimated an average 51% vote at EU level, the highest in the last 20 years.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc CDU / CSU gained about 29% of the total votes, a lower score than the 35% score registered in 2014; it still allowed it a definite victory against the rivals of the Social-Democrat Party – SPD. On the second position, there are the Greens, with nearly 21% of the votes, followed by the SPD, part of the government coalition, with 15.6%. The Alternative for Germany (AfD, extreme right) with 10.8% of the votes, Die Linke (the extreme left) and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP), with 5.4% of the votes also entering the EP.

In France, the Rassemblement national party (RN, extreme right) led by Marine Le Pen won the elections with about 23.5% of the votes, at small distance, less than the initial estimates, from Emmanuel Macron’s party, which attracted 22.5 % of the voters.

Spanish Socialists of Pedro Sanchez’ seem to have achieved a clear victory both in the European and in Madrid regional elections. In Austria, the Conservative party of the Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was ranked first, with 34.5% of the votes, followed by Social Democrats, with 24.1% of votes, and Freedom Party (FPÖ, extreme right) 5% of the votes, according to

In România, the National Liberal Party – PNL won 26.79% of votes in the European Parliament elections on Sunday, PSD – 23.38% and USR PLUS – 21.40%, according to provisional results communicated on Monday.


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