Popescu: We will issue an order explaining the measure regarding the price cap


Economy Minister Virgil Popescu said on Monday that an order will be issued explaining the measure on capping prices for energy, gas, water and fuel, a measure considered necessary, under the conditions that were already provided some unjustified price increases for some natural gas operators.

“It is not about a price cap, it is about blocking the price increase against the reference price increase on March 29, ie yesterday, and it is about the fact that prices can fall, they cannot rise. In the following days we will issue an order, because according to the decree and Annex 1, the Ministry of Economy and Energy, on the economic field, is authorized to issue orders, we will explain this measure…but it was necessary, as we have seen in the press, there were already provided by ANRE some price increases in my opinion unjustified, to certain operators in the field of natural gas, and we do not want to have surprises that in this period when the price of natural gas, the price of electricity, the price of fuel fall,” said Virgil Popescu, according to Agerpres.

He stressed that no company will suffer. “If some companies thought that they could be favored by an administrative decision, and increase the price to the population by 30% … Let me give you an example: I see no reason for the population of Otopeni to pay from April 1 some 30% more for natural gas than until April 1, when the price of natural gas at the producer decreases, does not increase. We made sure by this ordinance that this will not happen,” said the Economy Minister.


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