Polish competition watchdog sues Gazprom


Poland’s competition regulator UOKiK said on Wednesday it has started proceedings against Gazprom and could fine the Russian company some €50 ($56) million.

The watchdog said Gazprom has not cooperated with its antitrust investigation, failing to provide information related to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Kallanish Energy reports.

“The regulations are clear and the same for everyone, but Gazprom has refused to provide documents relevant to our investigation several times,” said UOKiK’s President Tomasz Chróstny.

“The Russian gas giant cannot act above the law, which is why I initiated proceedings against Gazprom regarding the imposition of a penalty for failure to provide information during the proceedings,” he added, according to KallanishEnergy.

UOKiK wants to check the contracts between a subsidiary of Gazprom and the European companies financing the construction of Nord Stream 2. These were mainly contracts for the transmission, distribution, sale, supply and storage of gas.

Chróstny said Gazprom could face a €50 ($56) million fine for not cooperating in the investigation. France’s Engie, which is financing the Russia-to-Germany offshore gas pipeline, was fined roughly €40 ($44.8) million last year for refusing to share information.


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