PNL takes over the government, with a minority Cabinet for one year; the Ministry of Energy disappears


The members of the Government headed by Ludovic Orban, on Monday, have submitted at the Cotroceni Palace, the oath of investiture in office, in front of President Klaus Iohannis, after earlier they were voted positively by the Parliament.

The head of state signed the decree for the appointment of the Romanian Government on Monday, in the following composition: Prime Minister – Ludovic Orban, Deputy Prime Minister – Raluca Turcan, Minister of Public Finance – Vasile-Florin Cîţu, Minister of Internal Affairs – Marcel Ion Vela, Minister of Foreign Affairs – Bogdan-Lucian Aurescu, Minister of Justice – Marian Cătălin Predoiu, Minister of National Defense – Ionel Nicolae Ciucă, Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment – Virgil-Daniel Popescu, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications – Lucian Nicolae Bode, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Nechita-Adrian Oros, Minister of the Environment, Waters and Forests – Costel Alexe, Minister of Public Works, Development and Administration – Ion Stefan, Minister of European Funds – Ioan Marcel Boloş, Minister of Health – Victor Sebastian Costache, Minister of Education and Research – Cristina Monica Anisie, Minister of Culture – Bogdan Gheorghiu, Minister of Youth and Sport – Marian Ionuţ Stroe, Minister of Labor and Social Protection – Victoria Violeta Alexandru.


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