PNL challenged at the CCR the laws regarding the postponement of the utilities payment


The leader of the PNL deputies, Florin Roman, announced, on his Facebook page, that PNL has challenged to the Constitutional Court (CCR) the law adopted by the Parliament regarding the postponement of payment of utility bills. Which was to be expected, given the statement for Energy Focus of the Minister of Economy, Virgil Popescu, who said the same thing. Which means the law won’t apply, writes Focus Energetic.

On the other hand, the Military Ordinance by which the prices for utilities are capped remains in force, although the normative act, as it is approved, cannot be applied.

The Chamber of Deputies (decision-making) modified and adopted, at the end of last week, the draft law “for granting facilities for taxpayers economic operators on the territory of Romania”, promoted by the trio Ciolacu – Ponta – Tariceanu and approved by the Senate, through which, among others, the natural persons affected by the current situation, as well as the companies whose incomes have decreased by at least 15% can request the payment of the utility bills (electricity, gas, cable, etc.) to be postponed for 3 months. Given that virtually anyone in the country could ask for deferred payment of bills, the effects on the energy sector, but also on the financial – banking and, in general, on the whole economy, could be extremely harmful.

In these circumstances, PNL challenged the law adopted by the Parliament to the Constitutional Court.


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