Petrom and Romgaz will supply half of domestic gas output at capped prices


The main gas producers in Romania, OMV Petrom and Romgaz, are obliged by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) to provide at a regulated price of 68 lei/ MWh approximately half of the domestic production, according to a draft implementing decision Ordinance 9/2019 which amended the controversial GEO 114/2018.

Thus, OMV Petrom will have to sell at a regulated price in the period May-October a volume of 7.2 TWh to suppliers to cover the consumption of household customers and 1.87 TWh of the centralized heating system. In total, 9.5 TWh in the summer months, according to

For the winter months no quantities were set, but they should be higher as a result of the higher share of household consumption in the total. OMV Petrom estimates that it will deliver a 43 TWh gas to third parties this year. In comparison, according to ANRE’s first decision, adopted prior to the amendment of GEO 114, OMV Petrom would have had to sell 6.8 TWh in the period April-September to ensure household consumption and 4.16 TWh to eligible non-households.

According to the new decision, the other major producer, Romgaz, is obliged to sell suppliers with 68 lei/ MWh in the same period of six months, a quantity of gas of 7.9 TWh to cover the consumption of household customers and one of 4.58 TWh systems central heating.


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