Parliament has decided that the NBR was obliged to bring the gold reserve to the country


The majority PSD-ALDE adopted the bill initiated by PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea and Senator PSD Şerban Nicolae, through which the National Bank of Romania is obliged to bring to Romania almost all of the gold reserve held in London, at the Bank of England, according to

The vote was given hours before the Government adopted the act warning the Parliament and the PSD leader that the project must have the consent of the European Central Bank (ECB) in order to enter into force.

Earlier, both the Legislative Council and the NBR have warned that such a change in the state of the NBR requires ECB’s approval. The draft law was not voted by the opposition parties, nor by the UDMR, who argued that there was no consensus on the need for such a measure. ALDE representatives claimed they did not want to vote on the project, but seeing the attitude of the opposition and the UDMR, they decided to support the project. But to come into force, the draft must be stamped by President Iohannis.


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