Panic on the stock markets decreases the quotations of the emission certificates, for the benefit of the CE Oltenia


Recent declines in world stock exchanges and lower barrel prices have led to a decline in carbon emissions certificates (EU-ETS). And Romania, more precisely the Oltenia Energy Complex, the second state-controlled electricity producer in the country, has a small profit from this situation – almost 50 million euro, according to

On the German EEX market, the futures certificates were traded on March 16 at the value of 19.4 euro, while in July the transactions were made at the level of 29 euro.

In the account of last year’s electricity production, the CEO must buy 16 million certificates by April 1, 2020. It bought only 4 million certificates from own sources and has a 251 million euro of state aid to buy another 12 million. It remains to be seen at what price.


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