Ovidiu Demetrescu: There is no national strategy to focus on electromobility


Before developing a national electric car program, Romania should focus on urban mobility, says Ovidiu Demetrescu.

“At this point we have a few segments of programs, some of which are looking toward this point. We are talking about the companies efforts in various fields of activity – retailers, energy companies, fuel suppliers, solution suppliers, electricity distributors,” says Demetrescu, quoted by Bursa.

“First of all, I would see the realization of urban mobility, because in the city, any day, you go for less than 100 km and you can handle with a charge or a full battery even for full electric car models with an autonomy of up to 150 km,” Demetrescu said.

“We can not be electromobile only in cities, but as soon as we put pressure on major poles that are big cities, if we start changing our consumption profile and start heading towards the electric area, then the pressure will come to consumers for the installation of charging stations and in the country. When operators see increasing numbers of electric or hybrid plug-in cars, then they will say it makes sense to develop the network, but if we only have 50 cars, we do not have critical mass for the network development,” said the energy expert.


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