OUG 114 amendments, on the agenda in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies on September 10-11


The draft law for the approval and modification of GEO 114/2018 and also the draft law approving GEO 19/2019 (amending GEO 114) appear on the agenda of the sessions of September 10-11 of the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.

The two normative acts will be discussed and voted for, as the case may be, by the deputies, in an emergency procedure, subject to the receipt of the joint report from the Committees for the budget, for labor and for the information technology, according to investenergy.ro.

The repeal of the articles of law of GEO 114/2018 and GEO 19/2019, respectively, was greeted by a large part of the industry, which thinks that this way, the market will return to normal. In contrast, a strong lobby from utility companies supports a gradual return to a free market, so as not to distort the market.


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