Orban: We will find the best solution to make the investment from the Black Sea


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban told Austrian investors that they could rely on a partnership with the Romanian government to develop a friendly business environment in which state authorities could support a business environment beneficial to both sides, according to Agerpres.

“The transport infrastructure needs serious companies to modernize it. (…) The first section of motorway crossing the mountains is made by an Austrian company. (…) Although Austria is not a very big country, I think it has almost 12% of the foreign investments made in Romania after the ’90s, an extremely high percentage. I think it is on the 3rd place on investments in Romania, after Germany, for example, which is an economic force, after the Netherlands which benefits from many companies with American capital. The volume of trade places Austria in the most important rankings,” the prime minister said.

“In general, the managers of Austrian companies know that we have a communication system, to meet regularly whenever there are important issues to discuss. (…) And we always try to find solutions to facilitate certain investments, certain developments. I am convinced that even with OMV we will eventually find the best solution to make the investment at the Black Sea. (…) The message I want to convey is that we appreciate you, that you can rely on a loyal partnership with Government representatives, that we try to simplify things, to digitalize, to make the shortest possible way from idea or intention to the effective realization of the plan, of the objective, and that we try to develop a friendly business environment in which to find partners in the Romanian state authorities, people will come to support the business and people to generate an environment in which business can take place naturally, to generate profits, to generate development,” added the head of the government.


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