Orban: Cogeneration tax was spent on car fleets and football teams


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban says that in Romania there are four forms of subsidizing thermal energy and shows that, although they had funds, many of the thermal centrals (CETs) under the public administration made expenses such as purchasing cars or financing football teams instead of upgrading own plants. “80% of the money that is spent on the purchase of fuel, 80% goes to the air, or to the earth or through the walls, heat loss through the walls,” says Ludovic Orban.

Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday evening, on B1 TV, that the heating aid is “the only aid that is given correctly”, which is given according to the income scale, according to news.ro.

According to the prime minister, with regard to the other forms of aid, one is the subsidy for the price difference regarding the gigacalory that the local budgets bear, the other is granted on the basis of a program launched in 2006, which is transmitted from the Government funds to local authorities for the purchase of fuel.

“There is another form, there is the cogeneration tax. It is paid by every Romanian citizen, it is a tax whose amount is set by ANRE, the amount from the invoice goes to Transelectrica and Transelectrica sends the money to those who supply thermal energy in the cogeneration system. The initial idea of this tax was to provide financial resources to invest in modern high-efficiency cogeneration plants. This money just went to CETs, there are CETs that have many cars, they have football teams, there are CETs that have all kinds of expenses,” said the prime minister, according to financialintelligence.ro.


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