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In times of crisis, extreme positions take the center of public debate. In part, because life itself fills with terms and realities which were implausible until yesterday: emergency, quarantine, lack of medicine or basic products. Mostly, however, because extreme interpretations are not treated with the same chill and resolution as in normal times – and rightly so, the most reasonable of us have our own fears and uncertainties, probably more than the extremists have.

However, rational dialogue and safe congregation of ideas must go on, just as business communication must be maintained; in order to preserve the prosperity-generating normality as we know it before the crisis, but also to prepare for the times after crisis or maybe for the new normality we are looking for.

Energynomics will continue to provide B2B communication services and the best selection of news relevant to companies and decision makers in the energy industry. aims to remain the main meeting point for professionals in the energy industry and the only B2B portal dedicated to the energy community.

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Beyond the direct impact Covid-19 has in our lives, prevention measures and especially the “social distance” have completely changed the way we work no matter the field of activity.

“Business as usual” is no longer possible, thus each of us has to move quickly into the electronic medium. As of Friday, March 13, 2020, the entire Energynomics team works from home, and all the meetings and working sessions are held online during the emergency. Taking into account the current situation and understanding that it is necessary to avoid any risk with maximum responsibility and precaution, we decided to postpone all the Energynomics events in the near future. We will come back with the new dates as soon as we make sure that we can take all necessary precautions for the health and comfort of our partners.

In a few days, we will launch the 26th edition of Energynomics Magazine, another 184 of interviews, analysis and opinions, fully bilingual, at the best printed quality. Exceptionally, we will defer the physical distribution of the Magazine for the time when we can ensure the elimination of any risk of contamination; to ensure that Energynomics Magazine is easily accessible from home, the digital version of the March 2020 edition is offered free of charge, and without subscription. All previous editions are already available HERE.

At the same time, Energynomics launches new B2B communication tools and we wish to find out which of such tools best suit you:

  • Video Interview
  • Webinar
  • Online Workshop
  • Online Video Conference

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