One hundred $1,000 scholarships from KMG International – call for applications


KMG International will award 100 scholarships to high school pupils and students with outstanding performances in Bucharest, Constanța and Prahova. Students who are passionate about the oil and gas industry can apply between September 16 and October 20; the results of the selection process will be announced on November 1.

“The KMG International scholarship program is one of the projects developed by our company to support quality education in Romania,” writes Alexey Golovin, director of the legal and corporate affairs department, KMG International, in a press release. “We know that education is the key to sustainable community development and we believe that young performers need to be supported, especially when resources are not sufficient. That is why we are continuing the scholarship program, precisely to contribute to the growth of the next generation of professionals in the field of oil and gas.”

The scholarships, worth USD 1000 each, are offered for one year of study and will be awarded following a rigorous jury: 50 will be awarded to students enrolled in the practice program of the company, based on their performance evaluation, and the remaining 50 will be offered through an evaluation process.

In order to enroll in the scholarship program, pupils and interested students are invited to consult the official program page to find out if they are eligible and what documents to submit. More details:


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