We launched the 16th issue of energynomics.ro Magazine


The 16th edition of energynomics.ro Magazine will be launched on Tuesday, September 19, within IEAS 2017, where the energynomics.ro team will be present with its own standbox, among more than 70 energy companies. 184 pages of interviews, analysis and opinions, fully bilingual, at the best printed quality will reach professionals in the energy industry in Romania, the managers of the most active companies and officials from regulatory authorities with responsibilities in the energy sector.

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For them, we cover the hot topics of the moment, from the evolution of prices on the electricity market, to the comeback of CE Oltenia, from the future of the electric car infrastructure, to the new form of the renewable energy support scheme, from the legislative priorities in the energy industry, to the status of investment scheduled by Transelectrica.

Some ideas

Toma Petcu, Ministerul Energiei In the next two months, the Ministry of Energy aims to come up with answers to the main themes that dominate the energy industry agenda in Romania, by supporting the adoption of long-awaited legislative changes. In addition to the laws and ordinances under debate for some time, recent developments in the electricity market have made it necessary to analyze the regulatory authority’s achievements and also an effort to better design the roles that ANRE should have in the future. “I understand the impatience of all those working in the energy field for completing some projects that were started years ago. We are talking about projects that will lead to greater stability of the energy system, greater independence of the energy system, but also to the creation of strong companies with solid capitalization and very good stock market performance. Beyond the fact that we have so many things to solve, this is a permanent challenge for all governments, including the one I am part of”, explained Toma Petcu.

Corina Popescu, Transelectrica The company remains one of the most profitable energy companies in Romania with a net positive result of 1.22 billion lei cumulated over the last five years. Very important for shareholders, however, this indicator is of second interest to the majority of market players, especially in terms of the evolution and efficiency of investments made by the Transmission System Operator. “For the next two years, between July 1, 2017 – July 1, 2019, we have planned investments of about 1.4 billion lei left”, stressed Corina Popescu, and then described some of the challenges the national transmission system operator faces.

Sorin Boza, CE Oltenia The first half of the year brought again Oltenia Energy Complex to attention, this time in a positive light. 2017 appears to be the first year of profit for a company having recorded, during the last three years, total losses of about lei 1.8 billion. Besides having recorded profit, CEO proved to be an essential player for the soundness of the energy system, not only during the freezing winter weeks, but also in midsummer, contributing during the first seven months of the year by more than 20% to the total of electric power production. “We direct our efforts both to the achievement of an energy and coal production in compliance with all the required environmental limits, and to the continuous optimization of the production costs”, said CE Oltenia general manager for energynomics.ro.

Decision-makers (including Toma Petcu, Minister of Energy) and top managers such as Corina Popescu (Transelectrica), Sorin Boza (CE Oltenia) or Vlad Vasiliu (UMEB Elektromotoren) şi Cătălin Văluțanu (Antares Group) are also featured in the new magazine energynomics.ro Magazine.

In the coming days, starting from September 19th, energynomics.ro Magazine will be distributed by courier to more than 100 companies and hundreds of top experts in Romania. Already, energynomics.ro Magazine is available for subscription purchase through the energynomics.ro website.

We maintain an integrated approach on the entire industry, with four distinct sections for each large sector – electricity, oil and gas, renewables, thermo – and a section of general interest.

All previous issues are available in electronic format HERE.

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