Nuclearelectrica’s shareholders approve the start of the procurement procedure for the CNU branch in Feldioara


Bogdan Tudorache

The shareholders of Nuclearelectrica (SNN) approved on Monday the launch of procedures for the purchase of the assets related to the Feldioara Branch belonging to the National Uranium Company. The acquisition will take place “through direct negotiation with the CNU”, according to a report submitted to the Stock Exchange.

The decision was taken in the presence of the shareholders representing about 91% of the shares, and although the majority of the votes were expressed in favor of the takeover, about 10% of the shareholders opposed it.

At the same time, the shareholders approved the initiation of the proceedings in order to transfer the concession license of the operating activity in the perimeter of Tulgheș – Grintieș, Neamț county, according to the agreement concluded by CNU with the National Mineral Resources Agency.

The shareholders also decided to sell a block of flats in Cernavoda, and also to increase the capital of EnergoNuclear by 1.5 million lei, by increasing the value of a loan offered by the shareholder (SNN) to the value of 5.5 million lei.

At the same time, it was approved the participation of SNN in the creation of the Association of Electric Power Producers – HENRO and of the initial contribution to its patrimony, according to the note presented to the shareholders.


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