Nuclearelectrica has completed its strategic plan for 2019-2022


The consolidation of energy production, the refurbishment of Unit 1 and the project of Units 3 and 4 in Cernavoda are among the main actions envisaged by Nuclearelectrica’s new strategy for the period 2019-2022.

The intensive operation of the two reactors at Cernavoda NPP, with the maintenance of the level of operational excellence, implies for the next 4 years the necessity of implementing compensatory measures to keep the energy production at a stable level with minimum stops in operation the conditions of observance of the Nuclear Safety norms, stressed Nuclearelectrica, according to

Strengthening the production of electricity at Cernavoda NPP by ensuring a physical output of at least 9.6 million MW and preparing the extension of the service life from 210.000 to 245.000 hours of operation is one of the main directions set in the company’s Management Plan for the period 2019-2022, drawn up by directors.

Nuclearelectrica, through Cernavoda NPP, provides 18% of the national electricity consumption with a capacity factor of 92.37% in 2018, far exceeding the level of 80% established according to the initial project. Nuclearelectrica shareholders are requested to approve the Management Plan of the company for the period 2019 – 2022 at the OGM meeting on 10 April.


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