Nuclearelectrica denies entering quarantine procedure, has prepared staff protection measures


Nuclearelectrica has denied the quarantine of its own personnel, but will provide a dedicated space, if needed, says the company. “Regarding the information requests regarding the establishment of quarantine at Cernavoda NPP, Nuclearelectrica denies quarantine entry and offers the following details regarding the protection plan developed and implemented in the context of the risk associated with coronavirus infection.

“Given the strategic importance of SNN, that of ensuring the constant production of electricity at national level, in safe conditions, in conjunction with the protection of the staff and the local community, the company has developed a Continuity Plan of activities in case of an epidemic and formed an internal Working Group that elaborates, coordinates and implements the preventive measures and plans protection measures according to the possible evolution of the situation,” according to the statement signed by Cosmin Ghiță, the general manager of the company.

“The continuity assurance plan is elaborated in accordance with the national legislation and the measures established at the governmental level and is continuously updated taking into account the international standards and experience in the nuclear field.

The plan is gradually applied, from preventive hygiene measures to essential personnel insurance measures, the implementation of which depends on the associated risk level, but is one par excellence proactive so as to minimize the risk of coronavirus contamination.

In order to ensure the essential personnel for the safe operation of the installation, SNN/ CNE plans for ensuring a special space, with all the necessary conditions, including food and transport, according to the legislation in force. This measure will be applied in close correlation with the evolution of coronavirus spread and is intended to protect essential personnel and ensure operational and production continuity. Also, SNN has established a plan of measures for all categories of personnel which is gradually applied depending on the evolution,” the press release states.


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