Nuclearelectrica and Falcon signed a MoU for development of the Alfred project


Nuclearelectrica (SNN) and the Falcon Consortium, consisting of Ansaldo Nucleare, ENEA and ICN, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation for the development of Generation IV reactors, via the Alfred project, SNN announced.

“The purpose of this Memorandum is to establish a framework of collaboration between the two parties regarding the pre-project work and the research and development activities to be implemented in order to develop the Alfred project,” SNN states.

“In an international environment in which environmental policies and measures are majorly reconfiguring the energy industry, and the solution comes from a well thought out mix of low CO2 sources, the development of nuclear technologies in the sense of constantly improving security, economics and flexibility has become a must. At the global level, there are few states that develop new nuclear technologies, Romania being one of them, and the Alfred project is considered internationally a promising technology of last generation. It is a complex project, with many benefits of technology, security, economics that we want to see in commercial operation in as many states as possible after the completion of the project.

”Cooperation for the development of this project is essential, and this Memorandum is a proof of the responsibility and involvement of the Romanian nuclear industry, overall, in the development nuclear program and in offering an innovative solution internationally. In 2018, globally, nuclear power provided 2,563 TWh. If instead of the production of 2,563 TWh of nuclear, conventional fuel would have been used, 2,701 million tons of CO2 would have been emitted. The role of nuclear energy and technological developments is obvious,” said Cosmin Ghiţă, SNN’s general manager, according to Agerpres.


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