Nova Power and Electrogrup – new gas plant worth 7 mln. euro


Nova Power & Gas and Electrogrup, member companies of the E-INFRA group, announce the start of works at the first natural gas-fired power plant in Câmpia Turzii, Cluj County, in a project worth 7 million euro.

„The Câmpia Turzii project is our first investment in state-of-the-art natural gas power plants, with increased efficiency and high operational flexibility. The plant will develop a capacity of 13.4 MW, and this is only our first step – also in Câmpia Turzii we intend to build a power plant based on natural gas, with a capacity of over 100 MW. And we do not stop here, because in the near future we will significantly expand our production in the field of photovoltaic energy, for more sustainability and a minimal impact on the environment,” says Mircea Bica, CEO Nova Power & Gas.

The project includes the construction of a power plant consisting of two units equipped with gas generator sets, with an individual capacity of 6.72 MW and the expansion of the 20kV distribution network.

“We are building from scratch a project that represents the future and that will contribute to a better stability of the energy system in Câmpia Turzii. Ensuring a modern and efficient infrastructure is an important pillar in this industrial area in full development…We are talking about a 100% intra-group project, a project with which we take steps forward in the E-INFRA strategy to invest in the development of critical infrastructure in Romania, with one of the most important private electricity generation projects built from scratch in Transylvania,” adds Adrian Florea, CEO of Electrogrup.

Electrogrup started the execution phase at the beginning of December and the duration of the works will be of five months. The plant will be located in the Reif Industrial Park, near a photovoltaic park with a capacity of 6MW owned by Nova Power & Gas, which currently supplies consumers in the area.


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