Non-reimbursable financing of 10,5 million euros for energy efficiency with Servelect


The energy engineering and services company Servelect, from Cluj-Napoca, has helped attract non-reimbursable financing of over 10 million euros for its clients. “We have attracted some 10,5 million euro non-reimbursable financing for our customers, mainly through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (POIM) and EEA and Norwegian grants”, said Iulia Bărgăuan, Business Development Manager of Servelect, in a press release.

Among the beneficiaries of Servelect are: Azomures, Aquassu Company, Vel Pitar, Sortilemn, Comelf, Celco, Cemacon, ROMATSA, Cluj-Napoca Municipality, Sighetu Marmatiei Municipality, Sfantu Gheorghe Municipality, Turda Municipality, Tarnaveni Municipality.

“We are at a time when the absorption of non-reimbursable funds and investments are essential elements in sustainable and added value development for companies and authorities in Romania. Servelect is a reliable partner for energy efficiency to happen effectively,” Iulia Bărgăuan also said.

In addition to identifying and implementing solutions to optimize energy consumption and costs, Servelect also supports its customers in accessing non-reimbursable sources of financing, where this opportunity exists, both by drawing up the necessary technical feasibility studies as part of the financing documentation, and by providing administrative advice for the development and submission of financing applications.

Another 25 projects submitted for funding, with the involvement of Servelect team, with a total value of over 27 million euros, are under evaluation by the financing authorities.


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