Nomination of Florin Cîțu as prime minister does not solve the political crisis


President Klaus Iohannis nominated the current Minister of Finance, Florin Cîțu, as prime minister. Cîțu’s nomination is a new attempt to force early elections and does not solve the political crisis, since it is almost impossible for him to gather a majority in Parliament.

In fact, in the PNL circles, a scenario is seriously considered that the new government does not pass the vote of the Parliament, and the next nomination is again Ludovic Orban so that the early elections triggering is reached, according to

The PSD announced in advance that it will not vote for a PNL government, let alone led by Cîțu. The Minister of Finance was also treated with hostility by Pro Romania.

Even USR, which at the consultations has shown its willingness to enter the government, believes that the chances of having a Cîțu government are extremely low.


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