Nicolescu, Deloitte: Climate neutrality involves investments of 250 bln. euro per year in Europe; we have to bring this money to Romania, too


Răzvan Nicolescu, former Minister of Energy and partner at Deloitte, says that we should pay attention not to the several hundred million euro we can take for the conversion of miners, but to how the Romanian economy can benefit from the 7,000 billion euro investments assumed by Europe’s climate neutrality, assumed until 2050.

“Romania is among the countries that have not violated any climate commitments. Romania emits 3.8 tons of CO2 per capita, per year, the world average is of 4.8, Germany has (an average of) 10. Romania meets its renewable targets in 2020. The Netherlands, the country of windmills, will not comply to its target. Romania contributes to the decline of the international average, not to its growth. The EU produces less than 10% of global emissions. Suppose we reach that neutrality tomorrow, not in 2050, the situation of global warming will be the same, if the other three big ones do nothing,” said Nicolescu, quoted by

He said that the investments to be made in Europe in order to achieve the objectives achieved through the Green Deal are huge, of 7 billion euro, based on a Goldman Sachs study, and the Romanian economy must take advantage of these funds.

“It requires investments of 7 billion euro to reach all the goals of the Green Deal in 2050 – 250 billion euro of annual investments. I am concerned about how well-prepared the Romanian industry is for these opportunities. How many chargers, batteries, electric or hydrogen cars do we produce in Romania?,” said Nicolescu, promoting the need to stimulate the local economy.


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