New appointment in CS Transelectrica: Mircea Staicu takes over the position of Jean Badea


Bogdan Tudorache

Transelectrica has announced a new appointment of a provisional member to the Supervisory Board (CS), according to a report submitted to the Stock Exchange.

“The National Electricity Transport Company Transelectrica informs the shareholders and investors that, in accordance with its attributions according to the statutory and legal provisions, the Supervisory Board decided, on the meeting of February 11, 2020, to appoint as a provisional member of the Supervisory Board of Directors of Mr. Mircea Cristian Staicu. The term of office is until March 29, 2020, but not later than the date of appointment of a member of the Supervisory Board by the General Meeting of Shareholders,” the report shows.

The appointment takes place in the context of the recent resignation of Jean Badea, former head of the information service within the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest and the cabinet director of the Minister of Education, Monica Anisie, within the CS, at the mid-term of four months.


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