NegaWattHour – a definition for energy performance, Energy Breakfast Club (November 5)


On Wednesday, November 5th, from 9 A.M., proposes a new informal meeting for you to discuss with your colleagues and partners on some of the energy solutions available for increased energy efficiency and performance for buildings!

From Dalkia’s perspective, a summary of the Energy Performance would look like this:

A reliable commitment

Initial audit and ongoing monitoring based on a standardised measurement and verification protocol

Energy savings that are financially guaranteed in the contract



A transparent contractual relationship

  • in terms of final energy consumption
  • in terms of each party’s contribution to identified energy savings
  • annual contractual review of potential additional savings, periodic audit

Demand optimised and production adapted to needs

Programme of virtuous actions and behaviour


Broad scope of action

  • Proposals for renewable energy solutions and “energy” projects
  • Responsibility for production, distribution, instruments

The special guest speakers of the day will come with details, explanations and case studies, and will answer to your questions:

Aureliu Leca – Executive Director, Romanian Association for Promoting Energy Efficiency (ARPEE) will introduce the audience with the subject matters, with highlights on the systems / servicies / solutions for increased efficiency in energy consumption.

Gilles Hild – Director Dalkia, Bucharest Ilfov Agency, will present the NegaWattHour concept and how Dalkia ensures the reduction and control of energy demand, the optimized operation and maintenance of customer facilities.

Adrian Sandu – ‎Business Development Manager Dalkia București Ilfov, will reffer to some of the needs & challenges of the building managers, with regard to energy consumption, in order to present Dalkia’s solutions, on the way from audit to measurements and control, through major works and operations.

Come and find for yourself – on November 5th – what are the most effective solutions for energy performancce of buildings.

Around 50 professionals in the energy sector will participate the event, so there will be present representatives of many companies active in the Romanina energy industry, experts from large construction and building management companies included.

There will be also be present representatives from profesional associations in the field, as well as high profile officials from the relevant regulatory agencies (NAMR, ANRE, Minister for Environment).


Access to Energy Breakfast Club is open to all professionals in the Romanian energy industry and related sectors, based on the call of You are welcomed to write us at and ask for an invitation!

About the event

Energy Breakfast Club is a meeting of 2 to 3 hours where energy specialists have the opportunity to keep themselves up to date with the latest information and the most influential views on one the hot topics of the moment.

Previous editions

2014 – Privatization in Energy (February)

Safety and Quality in Energy (April)

Romanian Black Sea Energy (June)

Financing for development in energy (July)

As a host, will provide – from 09.00 AM – the MC and the coffee, will propose the theme and will launch the invitations for the speakers. They are selected accordingly with their best knowledge of the topic and are responsible for organizing ideas and stimulating intellectual challenges. Presentations will not exceed 45 minutes and are intended to be starting points for a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives.

The club closes at 12.


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