National dental health program supported by KMG International


Between October 2019 and October 2020, KMG International supports the Merci Charity association to improve rural families’ access to dental medicine for children. About 1,000 children from 40 localities from Constanța, Prahova and Galați counties will receive free dental care with the help of the first mobile dental office in Romania.

“We have celebrated 40 years of activity for the biggest asset of our company, the Petromidia Năvodari refinery. For 40 years we have been equally involved in the community, contributing to the healthy and harmonious development of future generations. On this occasion, we launched the partnership with the Merci Charity association, which aims to support children with disadvantaged backgrounds in the region and not only, through a national dental health program developed in 40 localities in Romania,” said Alexey Golovin, department director legal and corporate affairs.

In the rural area there are active just 13% of the total number of dental medicine offices in the country, although 46% of the population of Romania lives in a rural community. Starting with October 1, the mobile clinic developed in 2017 will offer oral prophylaxis and dental treatment services in 40 villages in Constanța, Prahova and Galați counties, with the support of the dentists who are part of the association’s volunteer program.


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