More critical mass accumulates for energy storage in Romania (EBC, January 23)


Major global trends are being introduced in Romania through multinational companies that offer to local clients technology solutions and business models tested elsewhere in the world. To become powerful, trends such as energy storage or electrical mobility need further understanding and support from large Romanian companies as well as from regulators. In the case of storage, we already have a solid start; more pressure is still needed from the industry in order to get decision makers and regulators into motion.

Transelectrica, Eaton and Stratum Enclosures have participated in the first edition of this year’s Energy Breakfast Club, with presentations and clarifications well received by more than 65 good connoisseurs of the subject matters in the assistance.

Mihai Marcolţ, Head of Research and Innovation Research Unit, Transelectrica, opened discussions with a number of considerations on the CrossBow project, funded by the European Commission’s “Horizon 2020” program, which aims to share resources to promote the cross-border management of renewable energies and storage. “Storage should not only be viewed from a macro point of view, i.e. implemented by a TSO or energy producer, but also from the point of view of solving the problem of energy supply in isolated areas,” said Mihai Marcolţ, referring to the needs and the (technological and regulatory) instruments identified so far.

There are functional models

Most importantly, at this point, technology is beginning to mature and reaches the threshold for recovering initial investment in R&D; so, prices will keep going down, says Mihai Marcolţ. “At present, the weaknesses for implementing this concept do not come from the equipment itself. To implement the concept at national level, legislation is needed to properly regulate this technology and its associated subsidy scheme.”


The Transelectrica representative stated that there are functional models in the European Union that can be analyzed and taken as models for implementing this concept at home, “to avoid errors that might appear at such incipient steps of evolution.”

Eaton – Solutions for all types of beneficiaries

Cătălin Crivineanu, Partner Account Manager, Power Quality Department, Eaton Romania started from the multiple advantages of the electricity storage solutions.


  • Peak shaving
  • Security of supply
  • Load shifting / Demand management

Optimized activity

  • Renewable energy integration
  • Backup power supply
  • Compliance with regulations

Generate revenue

  • By adjusting the frequency
  • By supplying energy at request

The battery-powered electricity storage market has a tremendous growth forecast in an expanded geographic area that includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Eaton’s offer benefits from the cumulated expertise of three global leaders in critical energy storage areas: Eaton is the leader in UPSs with an unrivaled tradition in storage solutions, Nissan is one of the leaders in the production of electric vehicles delivering for 15 years reliable Li-Ion batteries, and AES is the global leader in battery-powered energy storage solutions.


Cătălin Crivineanu insisted that Eaton’s solutions are scalable, from the household level to the largest generating parks from renewable sources.

“In Romania we are at the beginning, but we have all the solutions in our portfolio,” said Cătălin Crivineanu. “For a typical home, the storage solution can be placed on a wall of resistance, costs 4,000-4,200 euros and comes with a 5-year warranty.” Such solutions are sold, especially for homes connected to the grid, where the customer can evacuate and sell its surplus production to the network, thus substantially improving the return on investment, explained the Eaton representative.

Stratum Enclosures – Romanian producer, worldwide supplier

Bogdan Cristian Cojocaru, Business Development Manager at Stratum Enclosures, presented the customized solutions the company can offer to its customers.

“We are a T-ESCO, that is, an ESCO telecom, because we produce energy in SLA – service-level agreement. In the telecom sector, the SLA reaches 99,998%, that is, a 10-minute downtime per year”, Bogdan Cristian Cojocaru explained. Generally, Stratum Enclosures uses renewable energy (solar, photovoltaic panels) and DC generators as a backup system. The systems are produced at the Bucharest plant and 99% of the production goes to export.


“In Nigeria alone, where the infrastructure is not too well developed, we have installed more than 25,000 local production and storage systems,” Bogdan Cristian Cojocaru said.

As part of the IPI Group Holding since 2011, Stratum Enclosures can not only design and produce storage solutions, but also evaluate the feasibility of such a project, install, maintain and optimize storage systems.

Over 65 representatives from #better, ABB, AFEER, AMS Romania, AON România, ATIPIC Transfer Pricing Solutions, Bioterpena System, C Geangu Consulting, Caranda, Construct Edil, Eaton, Edusa Green Energy, EfdeN, Emerson, Endress Group, EnergoBit, Enevo, Federația Patronală Petrol și Gaze, Fundaţia Greenpeace CEE România, Hydro Systems, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen, Olt Piess, OMV Petrom, Phoenix Contact, Photon Energy Operations, Samsung, SGS România, Stratum Enclosures, Talent Reserve, Transelectrica, We Translate attended the presentations and participated in discussions.

Energy Breakfast Club was organised by with the support of our partners: Eaton România, Stratum Enclosures, Petrotel LUKOIL.

Media partners for the event were Radio România Actualități, Klarmedia.


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