Moneycorp: Romania’s exports could exceed 70 billion euro


The Romanian economy is heading towards a historic record in terms of exports in 2019. Construction of automotive and automotive parts, manufacturing, agriculture and software are some of the main sectors that will ensure the overcoming of the threshold of 70 billion euros, shows an analysis on international trade, presented by Moneycorp.

In 2018, the Romanian economy exported goods and services in excess of 67.7 billion euros, up 81.3% as compared to 2010 (37.3 billion euros) and 8.1% above the level in 2017. Estimates on the evolution in 2019 shows a slightly more modest growth than in the previous year, below 7%, to the level of 72.4 billion Euros.

The Romanian economy has the potential to overcome the 100 billion euro export landmark in the next 5-7 years, Moneycorp estimates. Automotive, agriculture, manufacturing and IT & C are seen by the company as the main ambassadors of the brand “Made in Romania”.


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