Mobilizing resources! Quality Lubricants for Energy Efficiency (October 25)


Wednesday, on October 25, Lubexpert România and organized a conference in Bucharest for presenting the advantages of using high-quality lubricants in efforts to comply with energy efficiency quality standards, as well as for improving productivity in industrial processes.

Opening the meeting, Victor Năstase, Industrial Manager Lubexpert Romania, presented the company and its activity as an ExxonMobil authorized importer and distributor. He pointed out that Mobil lubricants cover all industrial areas and all industrial applications, and he also presented Lubexpert Romania services: technical assistance, oil and machine monitoring through Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis laboratory analysis, engineering services and technical training.


Two representatives of ExxonMobil have presented technical details related to some of the ways that Mobil lubricants contribute to better energy efficiency in industrial applications. Giovanni Gagliardi, Lubrication Field Engineer South Europe ExxonMobil has shown how energy losses occur in the gearboxes due to the behavior of the lubricant under high pressure conditions. “Many industrial equipment operates under elastohydrodynamic conditions, and losses in elastohydrodynamic lubrication depend on fluid traction (internal friction) properties. Synthetic lubricants from ExxonMobil have lower traction than conventional gear oils.” Giovanni Gagliardi has exposed and explained several case studies resulting from the implementation of ExxonMobil solutions in Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, but also in Mexico, China, Turkey or Germany.


In turn, Olivier Marechal, Chief Engineer South Europe ExxonMobil, referred to the advantages of quality lubricants in improving energy performance in hydraulic pumps and gas engines. In summary, the ExxonMobil promise looks like this:

  • Up to 3,5% Energy Efficiency in gearboxes with Mobil SHC 600 / SHC Gear
  • Up to 6+% Energy Efficiency in Hydraulic Systems with Mobil DTE 10 Excel
  • Up to 1,5% Fuel Efficiency in Gas Engines with Mobil SHC Pegasus 30

A special guest from Lubexpert Romania was Professor Constantin Opran, from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. He presented some considerations regarding the contribution that energy efficient lubricants can have in stimulating the ecological realization of polymer products. He reminded the audience of the obligations assumed at European level for a rapid introduction on the market of plastics made of biodegradable materials. The main obstacle for now is the higher cost of these materials, the injection molding process included. “The biodegradable raw material is more viscous, which increases the energy consumption of the injection machine, as it requires a higher force, applied for a longer time to get the same finished product”, explained Constantin Opran. “For the product to be cost-effective, at low production cost, the energy consumption has to be optimized, and a solution comes from energy-efficient lubricants, such as Mobil DTE 10 Excel,” said Professor Opran.

The speeches were completed by Mrs. Alexandra Marinescu, SRAC auditor, who exposed the relevant legislation from energy efficiency perspective. She focused on the ISO 50001 standard and on the benefits of certification through this management system. Here are some of these:

  • one can identify places where one’s energy consumption can be reduced
  • it allows continuous and sustainable improvement of production processes
  • it reduces the maintenance costs associated with the equipment
  • it allows to identify the risks and opportunities for obtaining and improving energy performance

In order to meet the ISO 50001 certification requirements, the energy efficiency of industrial lubricants plays a significant role, as a favorable element that “requires relatively low investment and no process changes”.


Costin Vidrighin, Technical Manager Lubexpert Romania, came up with the conclusions of this very informative half a day, which involved about 40 industry experts active with questions and comments. “Industrial activity is becoming more and more complicated and increasingly burdened by demands and pressure, not just economic, but also legislative demands and pressure. We wanted to show you who we are, what we do and what we can do to help you to become better, and more competitive. I speak not only from a strictly economic perspective, even though industrial productivity is increasingly dependent on reducing energy consumption and on optimal use of equipment and raw materials,” Costin Vidrighin summed up. “However, after all, we each leave something behind us in this world, and it is better that this legacy should not mean additional burdens for future generations”. One way to go is finding and using proven solutions to improve energy efficiency and mitigate the impact on environment, by protecting equipment and machinery.

Beyond the event and this article, Lubexpert România și invite you to visit the recently launched blog, which aims to facilitate and encourage a dialogue of industry experts on lubrication themes and the impact lubricants have on the performance of industrial equipment.

Media partners for the event were Radio România Actualități, Klarmedia.


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