Ministry of Energy: We insist that Romania benefits from the gas imports of this period


Gas imports from this period are advantageous for Romania, as they are much cheaper than at the peak of winter, according to the Ministry of Energy in a post on the Facebook page of the institution.

This, after Monday, the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) published the quantities of gas imported in May 2019 of 1,185,490 MWh respectively, which were 353 times higher than in May 2018 (3,353 MWh).

“We insist that the imports of gas from this period are advantageous for Romania, given that the import prices in this period are much lower than at the peak of winter,” ministry officials wrote on Monday.

Minister of Energy, Anton Anton, said at the end of May that increasing gas imports is not a problem. “If the price of domestic gas is higher than imported gas, the industry will focus on imported gas. I do not see the problem,” Anton said, according to Agerpres.


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  1. Pentru dvs nu este nici-o problema.Va scrie in CV ca a-ti fost ministrul energiei si ve-ti duce o viata linistata fara probleme financiare dvs si presupun primii mostenitori .Problema este ce lasati in urma dvs in energie.Dar nu face parte din sarcinile cuprinse in fisa postului

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