Minister of the Environment: The subsidy program for green cars could increase by 20%


The “Rabla” program for the renewal of the car park will start in March, and the number of vouchers will be of at least 60,000, the Minister of the Environment, Water and Forests, Costel Alexe, said at Digi 24.

As for the “Rabla Plus” Program, for subsidizing electric and hybrid cars, the official mentioned that the value of the voucher will be kept at 10,000 euro, and the number of vouchers could increase by up to 20% compared to the previous edition, according to Agerpres.

“For Rabla Plus, in 2020 we intend to keep at least the same budget and we want to increase by 10-20% the number of vouchers to be granted, today the voucher being worth 10,000 euro. We discuss at European Commission level, at the level of Green deal, as we have targets for 2030 on average or 2050 when we should have climate neutrality. We aim to increase the budget for electric cars vouchers from year to year and especially to develop the number of charging stations. This is the future. Romania must make efforts to reach the European states. I do not know if we are necessarily in the queue. The Romanian Ministry of Environment is the ministry that allocates I think one of the biggest, if not the largest, financing for the vouchers for electric cars, of 10,000 euro,” said Costel Alexe.


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