Minister of Energy promises to build a wind-gas storage system at CE Oltenia


Energy Minister Anton Anton said on Thursday in Craiova that the “most interesting” system for storing electricity in wind-powered gas storage will be built within the CE Oltenia.

“We came to Craiova because here we are going to build the most interesting system for storing electricity in gas storage. I was criticized, it was said that I was talking nonsense, but I did not. I visited the gas storage at Gherceşti. In the near vicinity we will have to build a compressor station, some compressors and, using wind energy, we will be able to bring gas into the deposit. Gherceşti today operates with at the network pressure and with a compressor near the storage, it might become the largest such facility in the country”, Anton Anton explained at the Craiova II Power Plant Branch of the CE Oltenia (CEO) where he was part of the debate “Prospects and development projects at SE Craiova II – conversion or new capacities for electric and thermal energy production”.

According to the Minister of Energy, the gas at Gherceşti will be transported to CET II Craiova, which is 3 kilometers away, wrote Agerpres.

“The power plant is being refurbished, giving up coal and modernizing to gas. Electricity will be produced through a high efficiency system, so we can solve a big problem. This is a new, modern system”, the Energy Minister said.

Anton Anton said that studies are currently under way and funding sources are being sought, but no cost estimates have been made.

“Currently, we are studying and analyzing the sources of financing. There is a ‘10 D’ source, which is a source of funding for modernization and there is also the national investment plan called ‘10 C’. 70% of the needed financing might be European funds, and the rest from CE Oltenia. We know nothing about the costs, for the moment, we will see when we will have the study”, Anton said.


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  1. Din pacate, dl. Ministru inca se straduieste sa confirme criticile ca “spune prostii” si asculta de fel de fel de “consultanti bine intentionati” carora insa le e f. usor sa-l “abureasca”: o statie de comprimare a gazului nu poate avea mai mult de ~10-15 MWe !…iar energia eoliana la noi, are intermitente de sute (SUTE !) de MW…deci, cum se face ?…asta la “exces de PZU”, dar la “deficit pe PZU” ?…doar e “stocare” nu-I asa ?!…nu cred ca despre asta e vorba in acest “cel mai interesant sistem de stocare din lume” ?!

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