Mihnea Constantinescu: We have a major institutional problem in regulating natural gas


The Committee for Industries and Services has finalized the Report on the DRAFT of Law on the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no.64 / 2016, in another new step towards the amendment and completion of the Law on electricity and natural gas no.123 / 2012, in the Chamber, which is the decisional body. The measures proposed by The Committee for Industries and Services have sparked numerous critical comments, synthesized by energynomics.ro in the most extensive press dossier on this topic.

Thursday, at a conference organized by the Energy Policy Group, with the support of ROPEPCA, Mihnea Constantinescu, Ambassador at large, Special Representative for Energy Security, Minister of Foreign Affairs, pointed out that “the working method of decision-making in the energy sector needs to be improved and replaced.” “When the line ministries make a point of view on a subject, and a parliamentary committee believes that it has a greater competence on that subject, it means that we have a big institutional problem of lack of trust in our specific competencies,” Constantinescu said, as quoted by profit.ro.

In an interview published in the latest issue of energynomics.ro Magazine, Aristotel Jude, State Secretary between December 2015 and January 2017, the one who worked out and promoted, in co-operation with the team of the Ministry of Energy, the Emergency Ordinance 64/2016, also criticised the magnitude of the changes introduced by the Commission for Industries and Services: “Whenever the approval of a government ordinance by a law is under debates, such debates should be exclusively limited to the provisions of that ordinance and not extend over issues not envisaged by the ordinance or not related to it. Any issue different from the provisions of the ordinance should be the object of other legal initiatives”, considers Aristotel Jude.


Unfortunately, Romania is still in the midst of clarifying its energy governance, including natural gas governance, Mihnea Constantinescu added at the conference organized by the Energy Policy Group, with the support of ROPEPCA.

The Romanian official has thus reinforced the conclusions and exhortations launched in Bucharest by Benedikt Klauser, DG Energy (European Commission) representative, as a keynote speaker at 2017 Energy Strategy Summit, a week ago: “Before we talk about regional cooperation in terms of security of supply or even gas hubs, “it’s important to get our own house in order”.



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