Mihai Toder-Pasti, energiaTa: The responsibility of the prosumer system is owed by companies and public institutions


The future prosumers will get answers to all their questions. In the coming period, EnergiaTA and ENGIE will launch the Consumer Guide, announced Mihai Toader-Pasti, co-founder of energy at ZF Power Summit ’19.

He provided clarifications on the legislation and procedure, but also on the subsidies from the Environmental Fund (AFM). Anyone “can produce energy and inject it into the grid (under 27kW installed capacity), selling the energy with 0.223 lei/kWh. After three years of struggle from EnergiaTa side, this is possible in Romania starting since 1 January 2019”, said Toader-Pasti, quoted by investenergy.ro.

With regard to subsidies, the 115 million euro funds from the European Union for the program run by the AFM, enough for about 28,000 installations, will be accompanied by 120 million lei, through a buffer offered by AFM, about which energynomics.ro wrote earlier.

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Now we are the period of validation of installers, and from March to April, Romanians will be able to apply to receive up to 20,000 lei in subsidy, a 90% at maximum, from the cost of installation, the co-founder of energy reminded.


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