MEEMA has decided to extend the application period for the Start-Up Nation by three months


The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment has decided to extend by three months the period in which the beneficiaries of the Start-Up Nation program can submit the payment / reimbursement requests related to the financing files admitted within the budget. According to the provisions of the Order of the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment no. 902 / 23.04.2020, payment/ refund requests can be submitted no later than September 28, 2020.

MEEMA has adopted this new decision to counter the economic effects of the bans imposed by decreeing the extension of the state of emergency on small and medium enterprises benefiting from the Start-Up Nation program, according to a press release.

“We continue, thus, the adoption of new measures to support the economy and we now focus especially on protecting the entrepreneurs benefiting from the programs carried out by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment. We want to restart the economy gradually and reach the level we had before, and SMEs are the engine of the business environment, being those that have an important contribution to the smooth running of the economy,” said Virgil Popescu.


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