Mayors can decide the expansion of natural gas distribution networks


The Government today approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of Energy, the Government Decision on the establishment of the general framework for the legal regime of the gas utility concession public utility contracts, for gas distribution, the procedures for concession granting, the content of the framework of the tender specifications.

„Today, we have approved in the Government a normative act that will basically bring natural gas to as many Romanians as possible, as only one third of the country’s population currently has access to natural gas distribution networks. We have succeeded in pushing such a process in two steps: first, the public utility service was transferred from the Ministry of Energy to the local public authorities in 2018 (amendment to the Law 123 of Electricity and Natural Gas).

Then, today, we came with enforcement rules without which the network expansion process would have remained grounded,” Energy Minister Anton Anton said, on Thursday, according to a press release.


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