Mateita (RADET): Bucharest will remain without hot water unless the debt issue to Romgaz is solved


Bucharest is likely to remain without hot water in the next period if the authorities do not solve the debt issue for gas supplied by Romgaz, with diplomacy and tact, said on Tuesday Florian Mateita, the Rominsolv representative, RADET’s legal administrator, at a conference.

Asked by journalists whether there is a risk that the Capital will remain without hot water in the next period, if Romgaz will not receive the money for the gas delivered to ELCEN, he replied, as quoted by Agerpres: „Obviously, if Romgaz stops supplying gas, ELCEN will have a problem, which will also spread over RADET and the population of Bucharest.”

The representative of the heat distributor has shown that this problem can only be solved with diplomacy and tact.

„It’s a theory: you get into insolvency when there is no confidence. You all know that when you have debts and you have credibility, nobody forces you to pay, but it’s paid in tranches. It is a matter of trust between Romgaz, ELCEN, The Ministry of Energy, the Bucharest City Hall, is a matter of confidence that, if it is solved with diplomacy and tact, nothing will happen, if it is not solved, it will happen what you have said,” Mateita said.


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  1. Am placerea sa anunt un nou concept in conducerea corporativa si anume ,,falimentul subventionat,,Tot sunt niste conferinte cu tema termoficarii,poate abordeaza cineva si acest concept.

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