Mărculescu: Supervisory Board of CE Oltenia revoked the old management


The Supervisory Board of CE Oltenia decided yesterday to dismiss the former management, implicitly of the former general manager Sorin Boza and two other members of the board, following the report of the Court of Accounts, started in 2018.

“It is a report from 2018, which from a formal point of view was challenged by the CE Oltenia, was judged in two stages, first in the Court of Appeal and then in the High Court. That report was challenged on its form, not on its substance, it remained final and became opposable to CE Oltenia. Damages being asked for, the plan of measures provided for the recovery of these damages found in the control report, from the opposable persons,” told energynomics.ro Dumitru Mărculescu, the president of the Supervisory Board of CE Oltenia.

“We, the Supervisory Board, being in our turn opposable, had to respect this report and take measures to attract responsibility, which happened yesterday. To the extent that the voting structure in the SB is of more than two thirds, the mandate of the directorate that was included in the Control Report ceases automatically. It is true that it comes from the vote of commitment of responsibility, which was a captive vote, we could not oppose the start of a responsibility of these persons included in the report,” Mărculescu added.

In order to attract the patrimonial responsibility, the shareholders’ vote will also be needed, he added.

Former general manager Sorin Boza could not be reached for comment.

He previously stated for energynomics.ro that he is not guilty of any damage and accused local political pressures, which would have led to his dismissal.

However, government sources claim that there is great level of damages, and that the shareholder, the Romanian state, will vote for patrimonial liability of the former managers, in the next meeting of shareholders.


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