Mangalia Shipyard will produce ships for oil exploitation


Mangalia Shipyard will produce luxury ships for cruises and high capacity vessels for oil exploration and exploitation.

“The recently signed major contracts will allow the Naval Mangalia yard to continue the long tradition of shipbuilding in the Black Sea. It is six months since the site benefits from the international Damen sales network and attracting new contracts will allow the yard to operate at its capacity this summer. The new contracts are focused on all three sectors of activity of the Mangalia yard: cruise ships, passenger ships and offshore vessels,” the Ministry of Economy said in a statement.

Romanian workers will build transport vessels and a complex ship for offshore exploitation, with a loading capacity of over 10,000 TDW, according to Agerpres.

With the takeover of the yard management, Damen committed himself to a long-term strategic partnership with the Ministry of Economy.


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