Maciej Jakubik, CEEP: The EU energy transition will go on, though at slowed-down pace


“The show must go on!” – this is the approach of Mr. Frans Timmermans, the EU Commission executive vice-president in charge with the Green Deal; officially, that means that the EU policies will continue indifferent at the coronavirus crisis. However, this is not going to happen, considers Maciej Jakubik, Executive Director at Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP).

“The Green Deal package will change significantly and so it will happen with the timelines”, he said at EnergynomicsTalk, in an interview recorded a week ago. The green energy transition will go on, as it is driven by many more elements than mere the political or administrative factors, Jakubik said, but for the next 2-3 years, the Green Deal will not be the political priority for the member states, and the EU Commission will have to also revise it.

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Central Europe Energy Partners is an international non-profit association, representing the interests of the energy and energy-intensive companies from Central Europe. As CEEP’s Executive Director Maciej Jakubik is usually working in Brussels for promoting of a balanced energy transition in accordance with technological neutrality principle. These days in Warsaw, he talked about how Poland reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic, before addressing some of the energy related EU policies.

EnergynomicsTalk is a new editorial product launched by the Energynomics communication platform aiming at encouraging a constant professional dialogue in the Romanian energy community during the state of emergency and amid the restrictions imposed by social distancing approach.

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