M. Bițoiu, SIER Youth Bucharest: Technology advances, continuous learning is needed


Organizations such as SIER – The Society of Energy Engineers, the Youth branch, connect companies with the academic world, said Mircea Bițoiu, president of SIER Youth branch Bucharest. “Technology advances, lifelong learning is needed,” he said in an ONLINE conference organized by Energynomics.

Established in 2011, SIER Youth, organized technical visits to the country’s most important energy centers, workshops, conferences, joint projects with universities, annual conferences on a career in the energy industry.

“We have more than 172 members, with an average age of 28, of which 141 graduates and 31 students.”

SIER organized more than 50 technical visits to various technical objectives in the country – such as hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, Nuclearelectrica, various power stations, various production facilities or Transelectrica’s National Dispatch Center.


At the same time, the “Career in the Energy industry” conference series has reached its 10th edition, with thousands of participants so far. For example, in 2019 the conference had 650 participants and 95 representatives of the companies.

“Last year young people missed the conference and the programs connecting them with companies. Many companies have canceled the internship programs. The faculty equated the practice period, for helping the students. In 2021, our event is hopefully back in a hybrid format in May, part in-person, part online”.

The conference “Human Resources – 360° Approach” was organized by Energynomics in order to encourage the exchange of ideas between human resources specialists in the energy industry. We also presented the Energynomics Learning Center initiative aimed at providing all stakeholders with information about the training and specialization courses available to them. Over 120 people have registered on the MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue. The recording is available HERE.


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