Less activity in public buildings can cut energy consumption by 15% -20%


Servelect, a company from Cluj-Napoca operating as energy manager for many municipalities, summarized a series of recommendations that local governments are urged to apply for reducing energy consumption and for protecting local budgets during the state of emergency.

  • In all public buildings, where there is no longer activity (kindergartens, schools, high schools etc), maintenance temperatures will be set at the recommended threshold of maximum 17 degrees Celsius
  • In the buildings mentioned above, personnel operating in isolated spaces (offices) will use local heating systems
  • The use of electrical appliances, computers in sockets, indoor lighting will be limited strictly for current needs, while outdoor and perimeter security lighting will be used strictly during the night, for example between 7:30 pm and 5:30 am
  • Where street lighting systems allow, it is advisable dimming to be used at night, between 10:00 pm and 05:00 am, all measure taken not to endanger the traffic and road safety, while encouraging compliance with the Military Ordinance on Limiting Traffic during night
  • Where possible, stopping or dimming any architectural and festive lighting at night is recommended

By implementing such measures, the unnecessary and implicit energy consumption and the energy cost borne by the local budget will be reduced by at least 15-20%.

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