Law on listing Hidroelectrica passes through Senate; Toma Petcu: Listing a company is a healthy thing


Bogdan Tudorache

A new step forward for listing Hidroelectrica: the senators of the Commission for transports and infrastructure discussed yesterday on the amendment of Law no. 173/2020, which prohibits the alienation of assets of the Romanian state until the summer of 2022. Thus, the debates on the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 166/2020 for the amendment of Law no. 173/2020 on some measures to protect national interests in economic activity focused on the advantages of listing Romanian companies.

“Listing a company is a healthy thing for the company and the economy,” said former Energy Minister Toma Petcu, currently chairman of the Senate Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

The law allows Romanian companies to show their true value and access funds for plans to restructure and relaunch the business, he says.

“Listing up to 20% of the shares that the state holds in a company gives the company the opportunity to capitalize, showing the market value of that company. It also consolidates the Romanian Stock Exchange, which needs liquidity and activity. The listing of a state-owned company leads to the international recognition of that company and, of course, to the placement of Romanian state-owned companies on the world map of the capital market. The adoption of the law does not mean that the listing of companies will take place in a short time, but in years. The listings are made individually so that the company is at the top of its rentability and profit,” said Toma Petcu.


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